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New Website, Moonrocks, & More!


As time progresses, so must our website. We've just redone the website in order to make your experience as a customer much more enjoyable! From a more simplistic layout to adding new products soon, we're happy to be able to do what we can to enhance the experience!

What's New?

- Whole new refresh onto the current website.

- More user friendly layout, allowing for a better experience.

- New products coming out, including moonrocks in flower form!

- In the process of a vape website - we know you've been patiently waiting!

- More user friendly account section, along with a wish list.

- In the process of redoing cannapoints for our regular customers.


Here very soon, we're going to be bringing back our moonrocks flower! We're going to have a few different options for those of you who want that extra punch in your flower, including:

- Cherry Sherbert, Blackberry Kush, Strawberry Cough, Grape Goji OG, Watermelon Zkittlez, Blue Dream, Lemon Runtz, Mai Tai, & Pineapple Express.


We're working on getting our Cannapoints system back up and working for those of you who purchase regularly. These points will be earned when a purchase is made, you refer a friend, and more! These points will then go to your account and be redeemable for rewards such as money off of your order, free shipping, and more!