snow white strain

Snow White Bud - Sativa


Weight: 1G


Sativa/Indica: 80% Sativa, 20% Indica



Snow White Bud is a premium Sativa strain that is perfect for those looking for an energizing and uplifting experience. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain features dark green buds with a coating of frosty trichomes, giving it a snowy appearance that is reminiscent of the White Widow strain. When smoked, Snow White Bud produces a sweet and earthy aroma with notes of pine and citrus.

One of the unique features of Snow White Bud is its ability to provide a cerebral and euphoric high that can increase creativity, focus, and sociability. This makes it an ideal strain for daytime use, especially for those who need an extra boost of energy and motivation. Additionally, Snow White Bud has been known to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

If you're a fan of the Sea of Green growing technique, Snow White Bud is an excellent choice for your collection. Its dark green buds and high yield make it a popular choice for growers who want to maximize their space and harvest. With its unique aroma and energizing effects, Snow White Bud is sure to become a staple in your smoking collection. Try it today and experience the power of this legendary strain.


Mix: Colombian Gold; Thai; Swiss Landrace

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