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organic incense pack

Chenregzig Organic Incense Pack

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey with Chenrezig Incense: Step into the realm of pure, natural, and high-quality incense with Chenrezig Incense. Crafted from the finest Himalayan ingredients, this sacred offering is...
cherry abacus bud

Cherry Dosi - Indica - 21.8% THCa

$15.00 – $300.00
Sativa/Indica: 20% Sativa, 80% Indica   About: Cherry Dosi is a strain of cannabis that is classified as an Indica. It is known for its high levels of THCa, which makes...
cafe420 rolling tray

Classic Rolling Tray

Introducing the Classic Rolling Tray, the perfect addition to your smoking essentials collection. This sleek and stylish tray features the iconic cafe420 logo, making it not only functional but also...
Diamonds 99.86%

Diamonds 99.86%

Enjoy our finest quality and most pure form of cannabinoids!
donut yoda pipe

Donut Yoda Pipe

Elevate Your Smoke with the Whimsical Donut Yoda Pipe! Get ready to take your smoke game up a notch with the fun-loving Donut Yoda Pipe! This handcrafted masterpiece is a...

Forbidden - Indica - 18%THCa

$15.00 – $185.00
Introducing "Forbidden": A Luscious Blend of Cherry Pie & Tangie "Forbidden" is a delightful journey for your senses, crafted from the exquisite lineage of Cherry Pie and Tangie. This premium...
Grafitti Yoda Pipe

Grafitti Yoda Pipe

"May the smoke be with you!" This is truly a collector's piece, featuring a baby yoda look alike in a printed cloak. Each yoda comes with a free mystery gram!
green tara incense pack

Green Tara Incense Pack

The Green Tara Incense Pack is a premium quality incense that is made using a unique blend of six superlative and non-toxic ingredients. These ingredients are carefully selected for their...
guru padmashambava incense pack

Guru Padmashambava Incense Pack

Introducing the Guru Padmashambava Incense Pack, a high-quality incense made from a blend of Himalayan herbs and white sandalwood. This incense pack is specifically designed to create a serene and...
healing ager incense pack

Healing Ager-31 Incense Pack

The Healing Ager-31 Incense Pack is a natural remedy crafted by an experienced Tibetan doctor based on traditional Tibetan medical principles. Its unique blend of three types of back aloe...
himalayan juniper incense pack

Himalayan Juniper Incense Pack

This incense contains a famous 6 superlative, non-toxic ingredients in a very natural scented substance such as white sandal, and Myristica. etc. and protect and purify the physical organs and...