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blue lotus flower

Blue Lotus Flower

Perfect addition to any cannabis strain! Blue lotus has incredible health benefits, not to mention its cannabis boosting abilities when smoked or steeped into a tea!  Usage for Blue Lotus...
golden kush bud

Captain Crunch - Hybrid - 23.32% THCa

$15.00 – $170.00
Captain Crunch is a indica-dominant hybrid strain made from a genetic cross between  OG Kush and Kushberry. Effects: euphoric, tingly, and happy Captain Crunch is often used for discomfort associated with stress. The dominant terpene of this...
cherry abacus bud

Cherry Dosi - Indica - 21.8% THCa

$15.00 – $300.00
Sativa/Indica: 20% Sativa, 80% Indica   About: Cherry Dosi is a strain of cannabis that is classified as an Indica. It is known for its high levels of THCa, which makes...

Forbidden - Indica - 18%THCa

$15.00 – $185.00
Introducing "Forbidden": A Luscious Blend of Cherry Pie & Tangie "Forbidden" is a delightful journey for your senses, crafted from the exquisite lineage of Cherry Pie and Tangie. This premium...
Ice Cream Cake Bud - Indica Hybrid - 22.8% THCa

Ice Cream Cake Bud - Indica Hybrid - 22.8% THCa

$15.00 – $300.00
Ice Cream Cake Bud - Indica Hybrid - 22.8% THCa Explore the easygoing world of Ice Cream Cake Bud, a laid-back Indica Hybrid ideal for relaxation and good vibes. This...
Purple OG Bud - Indica 27% THCa

Purple OG Bud - Indica 27% THCa

$15.00 – $250.00
Purple OG Bud - Indica 27% THCa Purple OG Bud - Indica 27% THCa - is a premium quality cannabis strain that's highly sought after for its unique flavor profile,...
Kush Flower Image

Runtz - Hybrid - 25% THCa

$20.00 – $250.00
Runtz, also known as "Runtz OG," is a rare type of hybrid strain. Runtz is made by Cookies Fam by crossing  Zkittlez with Gelato. It has a robust fruity flavor that smells...
Superboof - Hybrid - 25.4% THCa

Superboof - Hybrid - 25.4% THCa

$20.00 – $300.00
Super Boof is a hybrid strain made by crossing Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies. It has the same chunky, deep green buds as its parents that look wet with silver calyxes. Effects: relaxing, giggly,...
Tangie - Sativa - 35.9% THCa

Tangie - Sativa - 35.9% THCa

$15.00 – $240.00
  Discover the energizing effects of Tangie, a potent Sativa strain with a high THCa concentration of 35.9%. Perfect for those seeking a boost of creativity and focus, Tangie offers...
Hybrid Weeding Cake Bud
1g3.5g7g14g28gPre Roll

Wedding Cake Bud - Hybrid - 19.82%THCa

$20.00 – $250.00
Buy Wedding Cake Bud - Hybrid: 22% THCa Get the enchanting experience of our Wedding Cake Bud, a meticulously crafted hybrid that epitomizes the union of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout...

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Blue Lotus Flower: Explore the enchanting world of Blue Lotus with its incredible health benefits and cannabis-boosting abilities when smoked or steeped into a tea.