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THC Gummy Pack

Cafe420 THC Gummy Pack-1000mg

$130.00 $90.00
Introducing our delicious Cafe420's 1000mg Gummy Pack! Each pack contains a total of 20 gummies, with 50 mg each. Our gummies are made using only the finest, all-natural ingredients, ensuring that...
gummy pack

Cafe420 Gummy Pack-500mg

Introducing our delicious and convenient 500mg Gummy Pack, the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of THC gummy in a fun and easy-to-take form! Each pack contains 20 gummies, each with...
tetris gummy

Cannabis Tetris Gummy-50mg

$20.00 – $120.00
The 50mg Tetris Gummy is a delicious and fun way to consume THC. Each gummy contains 50mg of high-quality THC derived from hemp plants, making it an ideal choice for...
mixed fruit gummies

150mg Mixed Gummies

Sample each of our delicious gummy flavors! 1 of each gummy flavor for a total of 6 gummies per pack! Flavors may include: grape, mango, blue raspberry, green apple, strawberry,...
nerd bites

Nerd Bites-300mg

60mg Nerd Bites are a tasty and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Each bite-sized piece contains 100mg of high-quality, lab-tested cannabinoids, along with a blend of delicious...
Cafe 420 indica Oil

Full Spectrum THC 1000mg Oil (Indica/Sativa)

Our most potent oil in 1000mg bottles! Enjoy the oil directly under the tongue, or use it in your favorite dressings, butter, food, or drink. Perfect for direct ingestion or cooking!...
Nerd Rope-200mg

Nerd Rope-200mg

Treat yourself to a tasty snack and unwind with this artisanal THC-infused delight!!! Indulge in the ultimate candy experience with our 200mg Nerd Rope! Infused with premium quality cannabis extract,...
rainbow packs

500mg Rainbow Packs

Are you tired of choking down bland multivitamins that leave a bad taste in your mouth? Say goodbye to boring supplements and hello to our 500mg Rainbow Packs! Packed with...