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Walking Yoda Pipe

Walking Yoda Pipe

May the Bowl Be with You! - Walking Yoda Pipe Elevate your smoking experience to a galaxy far, far away with our Walking Yoda Pipe. Standing at approximately 8 inches...
White Sage Bundle Product Image

White Sage Bundle

Experience the Tranquil Aromas of White Sage Discover the captivating essence of White Sage, scientifically known as Salvia apiana, also recognized as sacred sage or bee sage. Indigenous to the...

Discover Unique Pipes and Gifts at Cafe420 Gatlinburg

We've got more than just good smoke. Our Pipes and Gifts collection is all about adding a touch of Tennessee charm to your cannabis routine. From the 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet to the quirky Baby Yoda Pipe, we've handpicked items that make your sessions as special as a Smoky Mountain sunset.

Pick Your Piece: Explore local favorites like the Classic Rolling Tray or bring a smile to your face with the Donut Yoda Pipe. It's not just about smoking; it's about infusing a bit of Gatlinburg's laid-back spirit into every toke. So, dive in, find your faves, and let your smoke sessions reflect the easy-going vibes of our beloved mountain town.