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Red Wake and bake Mug

Wake and Bake Mugs

Wake and Bake with a Bonus: Enhance your wake and bake ritual with our exclusive Wake and Bake Mug! Choose from four vibrant colors—Black, Red, Pink, and Green—to suit your...
Start your day on a high note with the Wake and Bake Mug from Cafe420. This stylish and sturdy mug is more than just a vessel for your favorite brew; it's a statement of your cannabis lifestyle. Each purchase of the Wake and Bake Mug comes with a delightful bonus—a free gram of premium flower to enhance your wake and bake experience. Sip and savor your favorite morning blend while enjoying the added delight of a complimentary gram, making every morning a celebration of elevated rituals. Elevate your mornings with the Wake and Bake Mug, where a perfect brew meets a perfect high.