healing ager incense pack
haeling ager incense pack

Healing Ager-31 Incense Pack


The Healing Ager-31 Incense Pack is a natural remedy crafted by an experienced Tibetan doctor based on traditional Tibetan medical principles. Its unique blend of three types of back aloe wood, various herbal flowers, cloves, saffron, and Himalayan herbs offer a powerful and calming scent that can help alleviate physical and mental ailments such as joint and muscle stiffness, dry mouth, insomnia, tension, dizziness, hearing issues, and mental stress.

Whether used for meditation, aiding concentration, or promoting physical and mental relaxation, this incense is a versatile and effective way to achieve a sense of balance and harmony. It can also be used for smoke or massage, making it an ideal remedy for times of stress and restlessness.

Invest in the Healing Ager-31 Incense Pack and experience the benefits of this ancient Tibetan healing practice. Its all-natural ingredients and proven effectiveness make it an excellent addition to any wellness routine.