lumbini incense rope

Lumbini Incense Rope


Lumbini Incense Rope is a premium quality, traditional incense that is designed to enhance your meditation or relaxation experience. It is made by the monastic order of Tibet using a unique and ancient method of preparation, which makes it truly special.

What is Lumbini Incense Rope Madeup of?

The Lumbini incense rope is made of 25 natural ingredients, including Saffron, Naji, red and white sandalwood, and other aromatic herbs and spices. These ingredients are carefully selected and blended in precise proportions to create a balanced and harmonious fragrance that promotes peace and tranquility.

What are the benefits of Lumbini Incense Rope?

The incense rope is renowned for its purity and quality and is used in many religious and spiritual ceremonies in Tibet and other parts of the world. Its fragrance is both soothing and uplifting and can help to calm the mind, reduce stress, and create a peaceful atmosphere in your home or meditation space.

Contains inside:

Each pack of Lumbini Incense Rope contains 45 ropes, each approximately 4 inches in length.

The incense is easy to use, and can be burned using a small incense holder or by hanging the rope from a hook or nail. Whether you are looking to deepen your meditation practice, create a sacred space, or simply enjoy the fragrant aroma of high-quality incense, Lumbini Incense Rope is the perfect choice.