Top Shelf Pre Rolls

Top Shelf Pre Rolls


Strain: Acapulco Gold - Saliva

Acapulco Gold - Saliva
Applejack - Saliva
Strawberry Cough - Saliva
Hulk - Saliva
Blue Dream - Hybrid
OG Kush - Hybrid
Wedding Cake - Hybrid
Top Shelf Pre-roll Collection
Welcome to our Top Shelf Pre-roll Collection! We've got some amazing pre-rolled joints that are perfect for anyone who loves good quality cannabis. Whether you're hanging out with friends or just chilling at home, we've got a strain for every mood.

Check Out Our Strains:
Acapulco Gold - Sativa: From Mexico, this one's all about feeling happy and full of energy. It's got a citrusy taste and is great for when you want to get creative or just feel good.

Applejack - Sativa: This one tastes like apples and is refreshing. It's perfect for having fun and being social.

Strawberry Cough - Sativa: Love strawberries? You'll like this. It's sweet, a little skunky, and it keeps you feeling upbeat without being too overpowering.

Hulk - Sativa: Strong, just like the name suggests. It has a unique smell and is great for when you need a boost of energy and creativity.

Blue Dream - Hybrid: A bit of both worlds, Blue Dream is relaxing but won't make you too sleepy. It's got a sweet berry taste and is good for any time of day.

OG Kush - Hybrid: A classic! It has a mix of earthy and spicy smells and is perfect for when you want to relax and feel happy.

Wedding Cake - Hybrid: This one's a treat with a peppery kick. Great for chilling out at the end of the day.

Each of our pre-rolls is made with top-quality cannabis. So, whether you need a pick-me-up or just want to unwind, our collection has you covered.

Try our Top Shelf Pre-roll Collection and take your cannabis experience to the next level!
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Acapulco Gold - Saliva, Applejack - Saliva, Strawberry Cough - Saliva, Hulk - Saliva, Blue Dream - Hybrid, OG Kush - Hybrid, Wedding Cake - Hybrid